3D scanning technology

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The 3D solution for capturing even the finest features

Efficient integration through customized solutions

Precise and rapid 3D surface inspection

Expert development for various industry solutions

Integration and versatility:

Efficient integration through customized solutions

With bluelynes technology, you get hardware and software for 3D measurements that is precise, fast and robust. It has been developed for efficient integration into your solution thanks to its compact design.

Accurate 3D surface scans in μm resolution

Rapid scans for inline and offline inspection

Robust precision even in motion

Efficient integration by compact design

How it works:

Workflow 3D measurement

bluelynes is a new type of 3D measurement technology that enables fast scans of almost any surface. The object can even be in motion and does not need to be fixed. First, a quick scan of the surface is carried out using structured light.

This is done using a line pattern by a projection unit. As the surface is never completely flat, a camera unit calibrated optimally for this measuring method recognizes the deformed line pattern. A computing unit reconstructs a highly detailed 3D point cloud and further image processing and subsequent analysis can follow. With bluelynes technology, this workflow is realized within a compact device with cutting edge optics and algorithms. It can be adapted for your measurement purposes and integrated into your production lines. It can be used for capturing images from the finest structures to larger 3D features.

Rapid scan via structured light


Detailed 3D point cloud


Automated analysis

Why us:

Key features

    Rapid 3D surface scan

    for inline and offline inspection

    Highest accuracy even in motion

    for quality 3d capturing of moving objects

    Expert development of hardware and software

    for neat integration in your various applications

    Experienced partner:

    Expert development for various industry

    Our team of dedicated experts is at the forefront of research and development. By leveraging the latest advances in imaging technology and algorithms, we have achieved remarkable accuracy in capturing and analyzing 3D surface structures – high-tech expertise that benefits a wide range of applications and industries such as electronics, precision manufacturing, food, security and consumer goods.

    3D quality inspection

    inline and offline

    3D authenticity checks

    on the move or static

    3D recordings

    for manufacturing souvenirs

    3D recordings of any body parts

    for custom-fit clothing solutions or custom-made prosthetics

    About us

    Expert in development for 3D technology

    Your trusted partner for 3D technology from Jena, Germany, home of precision optics

    Patented and award-winning technology

      Proofed by IDloop – bluelynes technology successfully being used in the biometric security sector



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